Blueshirts Breakaway EP 92 - Rangers Trivia and Metro Series Preview: Isles

This is a jampacked episode. The guys talk about Kerfoot, Nugent Hopkins then the guy get embarrassed when their good ol' pal Jeffy comes on to do a Rangers Trivia challenge. Afterwords the guys invite on Gotham Sports writer James Duffy to talk Isles and the rivalry and finally the guys invite on their friend Vinny to defend himself from last weeks story of fight or flight, Ryan questions Greg on guacamole and Vinny tells one of the saddest stories of all time.

Blueshirts Breakaway EP 91 - Metro Preview Series: Caps, Devils and Nonsense

The guys quickly talk about NHL's top 10 goalie list and the drive by slapshot video then to start the metro preview series they invite on Adam Stringham of to talk about the Caps off season and get a better feel what for the Rangers will be up against. After, friend of the pod Jeffy Balinski comes on to talk Devils, a story about beer being stolen and friendship and then game of thrones

Blueshirts Breakaway EP 89 - Do the Rangers have Enough Personality and What is Hanks Legacy?

The guys talk about the Rangers personalities and Hanks Legacy and somehow get on NFL rookies for a minute. 

Then the guys invite on Dan LaRose to talk about season tickets, 3rd party sellers and bold predictions and finally the guys bring on Gotham Sports Network writer Brandon Fitzpatrick to talk Rangers hot takes, baseball trade deadline, Mets and Yankees and Ryan asks Brandon about Meatballs

EP 87 - Tyler Bozak with Arvind Shrivats and NSFW Rangers Attractiveness with Bryan Wojtanik

DISCLAIMER: This episode gets a bit NSFW once we bring Bryan on at (35:02) Don't say we didn't warn you 

Editors Note: The first interview with Arvind has a little bit of desync I fixed most of it but just wanted to address it here

Description: The guys talk signing the first round draft picks to entry level contracts, Kleins retirement, bring on leafs writer Arvind Shrivats to talk Tyler Bozak and a bit of Leafs history AND THEN THINGS GET A BIT MESSY when the guys brings on The Garden Faithful Host Byran Wojtanik to talk about his top 5 hottest Rangers and Ryan asks a hypothetical that makes everyone uncomfortable, the guys come back and talk a bit of Thrones and call it a week, and what a week it was.

Blueshirts Breakaway EP 86 - Center Depth with Brandon Cohen and EVO preview with LI Joe

The guys somehow fall on the topic of the Black Eye Peas, Ryan can't pronounce the name of the new Rangers center, the guys then bring on Bluelinestation Site Editor Brandon Cohen to get to the bottom of our center depth issues, the guys come back to talk nonsense about naps and COCO LOKO SNORT-ABLE CHOCOLATE and then finally the guys bring on Street Fighter V player LI Joe to talk about Evolution 2017 in Vegas and what is going on with the E-sports scene

Blueshirts Breakaway EP 84 - The Guys Interview Adam Clendening

Adam Clendening is actually on the podcast! I know we can't believe it either. 

On this podcast the guys interview Adam Clendening, ask him about his time with the Rangers, what it was like playing with NY and ask him if a hot dog is sandwich. Then the guys bring on James Clark to talk about prospects and his thoughts on the Rangers picks and finally the guys bring on their friend Jeff Balinski to talk Devils number one pick and the metro.

Blueshirts Breakaway EP 83 - Expansion Draft and Talking Stepan with AZ Coyotes Writer Sarah Hall & Habs Writer Andrew Zadarnowski

The guys say goodbye to Girardi, talk the protection list, Klein retirement, Salary Cap, Stepan and exposed players on other teams then bring on at 25:21 SB Nation Arizona Coyote writer Sarah Hall to talk expansion draft and Stepan then bring on at 45:42 Andrew Zadarnowski to banter about Habs trades, the culture of the team and of course, some food.

Blueshirts Breakaway EP 76 - Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting Different Results

The guys don't understand the coaching decisions made during game two, Staal/Holden, sitting guys for no reason, questionable changes, poor Hank play and we come away with a devestating loss. Ryan talks about he will be at game 3 and will either be elated or miserable, Greg touches on his dismantled Mets team and both guys don't why why the civil war started but.... does anyone?

Blueshirts Breakaway EP 75 - Ottawa Series Preview with Ross Arnold of SB Nation

The guys review the MTL series and talk about all the key players and who needs to step up. Greg continues to hate AV, and Ryan talks about how Kreider is key in an upcoming series. The guys then bring on Ross Arnold who is the managing editor of the SB nation for the Ottawa Senators to preview the series. Then after, Greg goes on a Mets rant, makes points about the Fast Movies and the guys briefly mention the lack of hype around the NFL draft this year.

Blueshirts Breakaway Ep 74 - Reported Missing: The New York Rangers, Return to MSG If Found

Ayyyy everyone, where do I even start? Where do I go from here?

Greg and I rip the Rangers a new one, Greg wants AV fired, Tanner Glass is one of the few Rangers who deserves ice time, in what world did I think I'd ever type that?

Kaitlin MaCabe @kam3194 then joins the guys to talk Rangers, Mets, her dislike for Hank, being a girl on Twitter all while walking the busy streets of NYC.

Can we please beat MTL tonight?

I want game 1 Rangers back