EP 54 - Put Up or Shut Up

This week Ryan and Greg talk about how the upcoming schedule will be a measuring stick for this Ranger team, touch on how former Rangers always play their best games against us and talk hot stove baseball and Greg geeks out about the Mets (surprise)

Host notes: Ryan was very off on the actual contract of Chris Sale when he brought it up

Blueshirts Breakaway EP 52 - Stuffing the Pens for Thanksgiving

This week Greg and Ryan talk about STUFFIN THAT BIRD and giving thanks for it, the horrific Zbad injury, life without Buch and Mika, the importance of depth, talk... musicals? And give our top 5 power rankings for Thanksgiving dinner.
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Blueshirts Breakaway EP 40 - Have We Seen the Last of Olympic Hockey?

Ayyyy everyone,

This week Greg and I discuss our thoughts on the World Cup of Hockey, What the Rangers would have to sacrifice to get a top flight defense-men, Cespedes walking up to the Circle of Life, and breaking down all the Over/Unders for each NFL team this season.

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Blueshirts Breakaway EP 39 - Forward Thinking, but Where's the Trade?

Ayyy everyone,

Another glorious Tuesday! I mention this on the podcast but it's a wonderful thing that something I have to complain about is having too many NHL caliber forwards.

This week Greg and I take a look at the Pirri signing, the extreme amount of forward depth, what to do with it and the possibility of a trade which at this point feels guaranteed to happen.

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Blueshirts Breakaway EP 38 - A Very Vesey Podcast, and a look at the Metropolitan Division

Ayyy Everyone, Happy Vesey Week!

Since the Rangers somehow signed Vesey this weeks podcast is all about the Harvard boy/new Blueshirt. We bring on resident prospect expert James Clark to break down Vesey as a player and also bring our dear Devils fan Jeff on to talk Metro division and how our teams stack up against each other.

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Blueshirts Breakaway EP 35 - 4 More Years of Kreider, Hayes's Bridge Deal and Cooperstown

Ayyyyyyy Everyone,

This Week Greg and I talk Kreider and Hayes deal, how Shattenkirk isn't happening, what the rest of the Rangers off season might look like, Greg's weekend in Cooperstown, and a review of must watch TV this summer while you're waiting for the Rangers to come back

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