Blueshirts Breakaway EP 16 - Choke Jobs, Return of Nash, Marc Staal -_- and a Joyous Surprise

My fellow tortured souls,

On this weeks episode we changed up the format of the show a bit and went a bit more questions and theme based instead of going game by game. We're going to stick with this format for the rest of the season and see how it goes. This week we take a dive into the return of Nash, life without Rath, Living with Marc Staal, not finishing games and a special nonsense announcement segment at 27:30

Scroll to the post below to see the pictures, Thank you so much Hershey's! 

Editors note: I know every week I say on the podcast "I'll edit this part out" and I never do. I left this weeks part in there because we we're getting some feedback noises for some reason during the podcast and I wanted you all to know I'm not ignoring that and I'm working on fixing it.